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January 12, 2009


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Back in Berlin, everything went back to normality, if something like normality exists. I’d say no, today the place where you are, the people you see and the things you do are not important. Quantity is the only thing that matters. And, as to numbers, I can say I have done quite well recently: 2 jobs at the same time,  6 articles a day, uncountable social relationships, few meals (but every single dinner out this week), and a good number of satisfying nights…one in particular. (As I had sensed, I wasn’t able to resist him. I wasn’t cautious  even for a second; Mark just made me forget about all that crap).


January 11, 2009

can’t help flying

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Flying back was nice, and I met this guy named Mark Savin, who has changed my life!
I can’t write… I’m too excited about Mark!

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